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               joypressHID is a light-weight windows game profiler that simulates mouse and keyboard presses using Human Interface Devices.

                The profiler was written to work on extremely slow hardware and uses less than 1 MB (megabyte) of memory under normal operations.    It has advance features that can be configured to allow games that typically do not use controllers.    It is optimized for speed and communicates directly with kernel drivers to provide instanteous response.    It has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10 64bit, Windows XP SP3 32bit, Windows XP 64bit SP2, and Windows 7 64bit.

  • Single file application. Requires no installation. Unzip, run, load, edit config, and start using.

  • Extermely small application file size; less than 700 KB (kilobytes) and uses less than 1 MB of memory under normal operations.

  • Coded proprietary library functions to eliminate the need for dll dependencies. Does NOT require or use VC++ Redistributables.

  • Also does NOT depend, require, or use .NET Framework. Driver will still run even if .NET framework is completely REMOVED using nLite.

  • Does NOT use DirectInput, XInput or any Microsoft joystick API. The driver communciates directly with kernel device driver installed with the controller.

  • Works on underpowered slow single-core computers such as a Celeron 900 Mhz CPU running Windows XP.

  • Wii controller provides support for motion controls and infrared tracking for first person shooter games.

  • Ability to create multi-button mappings for advance controls. Example Xbox 360 Controller mapping: X + A + LB (left bumper) maps to keyboard/mouse/advance command to simulate.

  • Two methods to control mouse movement using digital and analog modes. Analog mode provides variable mouse movement speed controls, and digital mode allows mouse movements to be mapped to buttons or d-pad.

  • Advance features allow activation on double tap, triple tap, short/long presses held down, and other advance commands to improve game play.

Supported devices:
  • Original Wii Controller (RVL-003) and Nunchuk
  • Xbox 360 controllers: Wired and wireless controllers using a usb dongle.
  • Logitech Rumble Pad 2
  • Nintendo 64 Game controller using Adpatoid
  • VR Shinecon GamePad
Future Improvements:
  • Support for Play Station Controllers
  • Kernel Device Driver for 3rd party Wii controllers
  • Extended Keycodes Compatibility
  • auto-detection of devices